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Welcome to Charles Monat Associates – Asia's premier consultant for Wealth Transfer and Liquidity Planning. Since 1971, we have been helping High Net Worth Clients and Businesses plan and implement liquidity solutions to protect their families, enhance their wealth and secure the future of their businesses.


We help protect your family and enhance your legacy from generation to generation. We understand that your wealth is for the benefit of your children, and future generations. It is widely thought that only thirty percent of affluent families survive into the second generation and only about ten percent survive into the third.


Once your business reaches a certain level, it becomes less about creating wealth for yourself and increasingly about securing the livelihood of your employees and creating a legacy for future generations. Managing business succession requires timely and careful planning.


Philanthropy takes you beyond your own personal goals and concerns and allows you and your family to benefit society as a whole. It instills in each of us an active connection to values and ideals and unites us across the distance of time to future generations.
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